Community Leadership Fund

Next Deadline for Applications: April 18, 2022


Download an application here:

Community Leadership Fund Application 2021-2022


The Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation's Community Leadership Fund supports leadership development opportunities for people who live and work in Muhlenberg County, KY, and have demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in Muhlenberg County.  Recipients may apply for funding to support fees and/or expenses associated with attendance at conferences or other learning experiences.  The fund is designed for:

- Groups traveling to research solutions to local issues in Muhlenberg County, which could include conferences or organized visits to other communities who are modeling innovative solutions.

- Individuals who are pursuing personal leadership development opportunities which can be put into practice for the benefit of Muhlenberg County.

The 2021-2022 deadlines for submission of Community Leadership Fund applications are July 19, 2021, October 18, 2021, January 17, 2022, and April 18, 2022.

If you have questions about the application or want more information, please contact our Director of Grants, Meredith Zahirovic, at or 270-977-9194.