Muhlenberg Achieves

The Muhlenberg Achieves program strives to increase educational attainment for Muhlenberg County students, providing support to students from their senior year of high school through their transition into a post-secondary education program.  By providing additional resources and support the program strives to improve opportunities for individual students, as well as building the strength of Muhlenberg’s future workforce, improving Muhlenberg’s ability to attract business and industry.  Muhlenberg Achieves is a program of the Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation.

Key Program Areas:

e-COACHing Program:  The e-COACHING program pairs high school seniors with a community volunteer who will serve as his or her e-COACH, providing an additional support system as students transition from high school to college.  Coaches assist seniors through a primarily text-based relationship, providing information such as college and financial aid information, scholarship availability, class enrollment process, time management, etc.  Muhlenberg Achieves provides a framework of texting topics and scripts through the student’s enrollment in a second semester of post-secondary education, with a goal of improving persistence rates among Muhlenberg students.

College Prep Summer Academy: In collaboration with MCC’s Adult Education program, a FREE 4-week program will be offered to help incoming college freshmen start at a college-ready level.  This program is available to all students who scored below benchmarks in any or all critical areas including reading, language arts, and math.  At the close of the session, students will be eligible for testing which may qualify them for exemption from remedial classes.

Reduction of Summer Melt: Across the country, 10 – 40% of students who intend to start college after high school, particularly those from low income backgrounds, fail to begin classes when college begins in the fall. Muhlenberg Achieves combats this “summer melt” by scheduling phone calls with each enrolled student over the summer. The phone calls include a discussion of the specific details necessary for each student’s successful enrollment.

College Tours:  To improve students’ access to educational opportunities, Muhlenberg Achieves partners with Muhlenberg County High School to offer annual trips to tour several colleges within the state of Kentucky as well as to attend a NACAC National College Fair.

Muhlenberg Goes to College Campaign: The campaign focuses on creating a college-going culture throughout the entire Muhlenberg community, by engaging the full community in the celebration of seniors college-going goals.  October is proclaimed Muhlenberg Goes to College month, and the month is devoted to a community awareness campaign with events and publicity focused on both high school students and the full community. 

Money for Mustangs FAFSA Completion Workshops: Muhlenberg Achieves has placed an emphasis on removing barriers to education for Muhlenberg high school students.  To assist in removing financial barriers, students are encouraged to complete a FAFSA early in the year, qualifying them for the most possible financial assistance.  Working with partners, at least 5-6 student & family workshops are held, with volunteer staff onsite to assist in completing a FAFSA.

KHEAA Seminars at MCHS:  Muhlenberg Achieves works with the Kentucky Higher Education Authority to provide educational sessions during the school day during students’ senior year. These sessions cover topics such as admissions, financial aid, and tips for surviving the first year.  Additional information sessions are held for parents during Muhlenberg Goes to College Month.

College Decision Day: Muhlenberg’s College Decision Day, inspired by the NCAA’s National Signing Day, celebrates seniors for making educational plans beyond the high school level.  This spring event not only provides recognition for graduating seniors, but also supports the growth of a college-going culture within the high school.

Kentucky College Coach: Muhlenberg Achieves provides funding to secure a Kentucky College Coach, a full-time AmeriCorps position located at MCHS who acts as a near peer mentor for high school students who show potential for success in higher education, paying close attention to students who will be first-generation college students.  The coach works with KHEAA outreach counselors to plan and implement college and career readiness events. 

For more information about the Muhlenberg Achieves program, call or email the program manager at 270-977-9274, or