Arts in Muhlenberg County

Felix E. Martin Jr. Hall for Creative and Performing Arts

Felix E. Martin Jr. Hall opened in March 2012 and since then it has become an active part of daily life in Muhlenberg County.  During the 2012-2013 academic year, over 33,000 people enjoyed activities at Martin Hall.  Events ranged from local students performing with their classes to community events to professional touring productions and concerts.  In addition to the $1 million grant which provided funding to increase the size and technical scope of the planned facility, the Foundation remains committed to the success and accessibility of Martin Hall.  The Foundation provides an annual grant commitment to cover the salary of a Director to manage the Hall and plays an active role in bringing professional theatre to Muhlenberg County.

Community Arts Coordinator

The Foundation believes that an active arts community is vital to the quality of life in Muhlenberg County, and will play a key role in attracting new businesses to the County.  For this reason, the Foundation has supported a Community Arts Coordinator position since 2008. The Community Arts Coordinator is tasked with leading the local Arts Council, initiating and promoting local arts groups. and providing access to arts performances originating outside the County. As a result, Muhlenberg County maintains many very active community arts groups which provide activities free or low-cost activities to all Muhlenberg County residents. Some of the groups and activities that have been initiated by the community arts coordinator include dulcimer lessons and performance groups, the Muhlenberg County Singers, line and ballroom dancing lessons, and several barbershop chorus groups.