Economic Development


The Muhlenberg County Needs Assessment Study, commissioned by the Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation in 2008, ranked economic development as the primary need according to residents of Muhlenberg County.  The Foundation remains committed to achieving success in this area.  A $1.25 million grant continues to provide operational support for the Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress (MAP) whose primary goal is to attract and retain quality jobs and investments for Muhlenberg County.  In addition, many of the programs the Foundation supports play a part in the larger picture of economic development in Muhlenberg County.  The development of County parks and cultural facilities, as well as a strong early education system, will help make the community more attractive to new businesses and employers. 

However, in order to attract new businesses to Muhlenberg County, prospective businesses must be confident in the strength of the available workforce.  In 2013, Muhlenberg County was awarded the “Work Ready Community in Progress”     designation,  which informs potential businesses that the County is committed to providing the highly skilled workforce required in today’s competitive economy.  In the next three years, the Foundation will work with MAP’s Work Ready Community committee on their planned strategies to bring our workforce to the next level with programs aimed at improving educational attainment, workforce development, soft skills development and internet availability.