Adult Education Programs

A key factor affecting Muhlenberg County’s future continues to be the ability to attract quality companies to the county and to encourage the companies in Muhlenberg County to expand their facilities.  In order to do this, building a skilled workforce will be critical. The Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation is committed to do all it can to help build that workforce. 

Partnering with Madisonville Community College (MCC), the Foundation has implemented several programs which focus on developing a skilled workforce for the future by encouraging Muhlenberg residents to complete a degree program, and supporting them in those offorts. These programs are designed to increase the skills and level of education of adults who are either currently in or seeking to join the workforce.  

According to the most recent census data, 17% of Muhlenberg County residents do not currently have a high school diploma.   Because a high school diploma is the primary ticket to many entry level jobs, the Foundation seeks to encourage adults through the GED Learn & Earn program.  This program is offered in partnership with Madisonville Community College's Muhlenberg County Adult Education Center.  Enrolled Muhlenberg students can earn up to $300 by receiving a $50 bonuses when they complete sections of the GED and an additional bonus for successfully completing the GED.  The Foundation provides funding for this program, hoping to encourage adults to gain the creditials they need to succeed in today's marketplace.   For more information, take a look at this link for the ACE2 Muhlenberg GED Flyer .                 



Associate Degree Incentive Program 

Increasing the number of Muhlenberg County adults with at least an Associate Degree is vital to the future economic growth of Muhlenberg County. Over 41% of Muhlenberg County residents have some college experience, but for some reason have not been able to complete their degree.  To assist these students, the Foundation partners with Madisonville Community College to offer the Martin Scholars program.  

This program offers financial incentives to those who might need a little extra help to finish their associate degree.  Qualifying students earn a $500 stiped for each semester that they are enrolled full time at MCC, or $250 for part-time enrollment.  In addition to financial aid that is available through MCC for tuition, tis stipend can help with any additional personal expenses that may arise isuch as books, transportation, or childcare.  Upon completion of an associate degree which includes a required business employability seminar, Martin Scholars also receive a $400 completion bonus.  For more information on the program and requirements for qualification, contact MCC's Muhlenberg Campus at (270) 757-9881 or see the Martin Scholars Flyer.